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Innovation is a continuous process and by adding the application of prana to agricultural processes we already are introducing a highly innovative factor.

However we do not want to stop here. After all, innovation is a continuous process that benefits from active and divers interactions, and it is apparent that in order to create beneficial conditions for survival of all species on this planet we need to come up with truly new ways of managing ourselves and our relations and interactions with the rest of the world(s). Just refining or renaming the same old way of thinking and operating is not enough, is not going to improve the overall situation nor redirect the current trends sufficiently.

Thus under this column we are looking for examples and forms of thinking that have lead to innovative processes, i.e. to new ways of thinking and doing that might inspire others to new action.

But we also try to foster further innovation by providing insights, stimulating different perspectives and options and providing fora and platforms for exchange that hatch new ways to do, think, feel and be and also support others who do the same.

The primary focus of this page is on agriculture. For related activities and information on nutrition, education and health, please see Seeds of Gold. Biological fertility in nature is a result of contributions from many sources (biodiversity), so is the fertility of our minds. The process of innovation from and for agriculture is therefore open to multiple sources as long as it is respectful.

Let’s see where it will take us. 

Sometimes as little as a different intonation of a word, or the same thought in a different emotional state, can trigger an innovative insight. However, research on innovation has shown that most often innovation is the result of a long preparation or incubation until the final drop sparks the complete new insight.

Our minds have to be prepared to recognize the NEW

Therefore, with persistence and effort, …… let go ……….

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