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                    Pranic Agriculture                                                   Pranaculture

-Integration of advanced knowledge and ancient traditions to solve today’s problems

- New horizons for expanded consciousness and knowledge applied in agriculture and agro-ecology in collaboration across all natural kingdoms and systems;

-Beyond classical biology, yet practical, workable, and producing concrete results;

-Multi-functional techniques that simultaneously create resilient production, better human health, improved livelihoods, more divers environments, expanded awareness, are easy to learn and empower both individuals and communities.

Many of the techniques are based on the basic pranic healing teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui (MCKS). Where possible, these have been expanded or complemented in detail through farmers’ experimentation, scientific evidence, traditional practices and knowledge from other areas of life.

It is applicable under the most diverse conditions on this planet without chemicals or machinery and without monetary investment.

The purely energetic side of Pranic Agriculture can be applied by anybody with a basic knowledge of pranic energies. The methods taught by Master Choa Kok Sui are highly recommended though. (for a center near you)

Pranic Agriculture builds on known good agricultural practices that are as beneficial or benign as possible for the environment and our health, but it is beneficial even with the worst field practices.

Pranic Agriculture works with a wider still more holistic concept of the environment than the best known environment-friendly farming systems. It includes the whole invisible, subtle energy aspects of all of nature’s life forms and thus consequently includes also the large communities of invisible beings which are an intrinsic and important part of any nature system.


We are aware that the use of some of the energetic techniques brings about profound changes in the user, thus they are not without secondary impacts. We however believe that the growth in awareness and perception of the Self and its environment is not a negative impact, but one contributing positively to human evolution. In this sense we consider the diffusion of the practice of pranic agriculture like sowing seeds  -  seeds of gold, the gold of transformation, transformation to higher awareness, peaceful collaboration and fertile environments, and in practical terms: the ability to transform higher intuition into tangible results  in the field.


We intend to be as open as possible to the unlikely and impossible without risking to become impractical. One way of doing this is by clearly identifying what is theory or ideas and what has worked in the field or laboratory, and to distinguish between observation and explanation. Thus any of the users can create their own perception and interpretation and practical tools for experimentation.

Since we are aware that knowledge and its exchange can happen in and benefit from many forms, we are, as much as we can, supporting all forms of communication exchange, from electronic through classic print, courses and workshops to the ones through meditative, intuitive practices.

Through a variety of growing efforts we are trying to gather mutually supportive information and activities in a network of innovative and, literally, down to earth individuals and communities. This site therefore is a continuous and dynamic process in support of those efforts.

Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find the desired information on this page or if you want to add to the information here or have new suggestions. This site is currently evolving very rapidly, so please check back for news.

We would highly welcome your contribution and contact.

For our many global contributors

Rainer Krell


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