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Subtle Energies

What are they and what are they not?

Subtle energies are those often referred to as Prana, Chi or Ki or even life force. Sometimes they are called divine love or spiritual energy, yet this does not further explain their nature or how they could fit into our daily and professional life or into current scientific models of nature. They are subtle and omnipresent, although for most people invisible. Though subtle, they only appear weak when compared with measurable energy forms of heat, electricity or gravitation.

Their existence can be felt or seen indirectly in the effect they produce for example in healing, plant growth or increased metabolism. They are at the core of any life process, and yet we have not yet found a way to measure them with technical instruments.

They are slowly getting increasing scientific attention in biology, physics, nano-technology and health – but they still elude scientific definitions and measurability. They have been known to mankind long before the concept of energy developed. They sustain and even may create life, and they may be all or part of the other side of the equation that describes matter.

In the models of nature that include subtle energies, prana is the stuff our thoughts are made off. We can direct these energies through our thoughts as we can also influence our thoughts through the use of these energies. They defy our current concepts of space and time, i.e. they are transmitted instantly (as for all possible perception) and can be felt and used independent of distance and without significant loss of power. They show evidence of not just pure power but also of structure, i.e. they contain or transmit information or are the stuff that information is made of.

Applications of Prana

By applying these energies purposely or also accidentally we can influence our own health, emotions, thinking and perceptions and that of others. We can influence physical and, of course, biological processes in all life forms with these energies. The latter is the rational for using them in agriculture, since experience has shown that many of the processes necessary for agricultural production can be influenced positively by applying these energies and using our thoughts appropriately.

The quest to explain or fit prana into expanded scientific models may be worthwhile and/or highly intriguing and challenging, and may be reported on in this column or in the column on Prana in Arts & Science, however, the main purpose here is documenting their effectiveness and usefulness and communicating about the use and experimentation with methods and types of energies that are most effective for their applications in agriculture.

Most of the observations and experiments for agriculture have not and may not be done for a while by trained scientists or scientific institutions for reasons we may discuss at a different time and place, nevertheless we strive to be as objective as possible in our reporting. We hope to achieve that by improving the observations themselves through training and better informing experimenters and by clearly reporting separately the observed events, action taken and their explanations.

We shall try to work holistically or inclusively as much as possible, i.e. by comparison and by creating optimal conditions for agriculture rather than for experimental conditions. Therefore results are less likely to give good explanations, instead they are more likely to produce pratical, immediately applicable and comparable results. This way we can learn “on the job”, i.e. on the farm, while simultaneously doing what agriculture was intended to do: produce food that enables human growth on all levels of our existence – not just the physical body – while also contributing to the health of the rest of the environment.

Since experience has shown that the conscious use of prana has an impact also on the user, we shall try to also track some of the effects on the lives of the farmers and their families.

Controlled prana experiments (following protocols of MCKS Pranic Healing)

Anecdotal prana experiences

Prana applications through other methodologies


Summary of learning    

Energetic Agriculture - Use of Prana


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