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Of course agriculture cannot be practiced only via energetic practices. It requires physical work and modifications to the natural ecosystems in order to produce food in adequate quantities and qualities for a growing human population.

Until 100 years ago almost all agriculture relied solely on natural inputs for its production. The use of chemical industrial fertilizers and pesticides is a very recent phenomena, which led to a rapid increase in production per area of land, but brought with it also a dramatic change in the farming and food production structures. Not all of them were and are beneficial, to say the least.

During the same time, improvement to production and farming systems was also developed with more nature adapt methods like organic and biodynamic agriculture, permaculture and a variety of other experimental inputs from homeopathy to Irish towers and paramagnetism, 

In general, the less toxins and non-natural materials are used and the less disturbance is created to the soil and biodiversity on a farm, the more the farming practice is preferable for pranic agriculture work. However pranic methods can be applied to any farming system and even improve negative impacts from industrial toxic farming methods. The more ecological methods simply are more supportive to the holistic approach of pranic agriculture and to the effective work of nature spirits, thus resulting also in better production per area and in systems more resilient to natural impacts like those resulting from climatic variations.

It cannot be the task or function of this information effort here to present and inform on all different  farming systems, their methods etc. However we will try to outline the advantages and short comings of major systems, to facilitate the choice by a farmer or technician.  Details on methods and practices will have to be obtained through on-site practical training and/or through literature and consultations. We shall try to help with guidance towards such information sources, but local sources will have to be explored by the users.

From our personal view and experience and in view of effective pranic application, biodynamic agriculture offers the most advanced farming system and the one with the closest systematic approach to a holistic integration of biological, energetic and cosmic life support. In addition, it has a certification system in place that for some markets provides preferential access and benefits. There are likely to be many locally adapted traditional practices that work similarly, which may be less documented or less accessible. Consult also 

We would very much appreciate your help in gathering more information about such farming system practices.

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